Stephen Curry Ignores Critics, Practices in White "Dad" Sneakers

The Under Armour Curry Two Low saga continues.

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With an opportunity to clinch a second-straight NBA Championship looming, Stephen Curry is having a little fun with critics of his sneakers.

After the internet launched an all-out assault on the "Chef" Under Armour Curry Two Low, Curry took an indirect shot at the haters by lacing up the sneakers for practice earlier today. Following the Warriors' Game 4 victory, Curry said he would have worn them on the road had he packed a pair.

The jokes surrounding the now famous sneakers have mostly been based on the idea that they look like something that a middle-aged dad would wear. Curry, who is reportedly selling a ton of pairs for Under Armour, clearly disagrees. A closer look reveals hand-drawn "Straight Fire" customization, referencing the presser from a few days ago.

The two-time MVP, who has dealt with ankle injuries in the past, doesn't wear his low-tops in games, so we probably won't see these in action for Game 5. However, he is known to warm up in them, so don't be surprised if they make an appearance pre-game.

Stephen Curry Practices in the
Stephen Curry Practices in Straight Fire Under Armour Curry Two Low (1)
Stephen Curry Practices in Straight Fire Under Armour Curry Two Low (2)