Skechers Takes Shot at Nike & Zion Williamson's Sneaker Blowout

Skechers has taken ads out in the New York Times and on Instagram poking fun at Zion Williamson's much talked about sneaker blowout.

Skechers Nike Just Blew It
New York Times

Image via New York Times

Skechers Nike Just Blew It

The buzz surrounding fallout from Zion Williamson's much talked about Nike sneaker blowout has quieted down a bit, but sneaker company Skechers is fanning the flames once again.

First reported by New York Times editor Josh Crutchmer, Skechers has taken an ad out in Sunday's edition of the paper, in which it takes a direct shot at the incident. A non-branded version of Williamson's destroyed PG 2.5s is depicted in the ad, beneath the phrase "Just Blew It" – a play on Nike's trademarked slogan. The ad concludes with Skechers' logo and the statement, "We won't split on you."

i usually wouldn’t implore you to buy the paper for an ad, but you’ll never see shade like [squints] skechers is throwing at nike on page 3 of tomorrow’s nyt sports section again

The ad is also being ran in publications such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and sponsored posts on Instagram.

USA Today ad. Well played Skechers.
Dang! #Skechers throwing serious shade on #Nike. In the #WallStreetJournal no less...
Skechers just coming for necks now @SKECHERSUSA

Skechers and Nike have been at odds for several years, mostly due to various infringement lawsuits. While Skechers currently markets performance sneakers, it does not have a sneaker officially being worn at the pro or collegiate level.