Nike Cancels Crenshaw Skate Club SB Shirt, Product Pulled at Last Minute

The call was made on the day the shirt was mean to be released.

Crenshaw Skate Club x Nike SB graphic t-shirt recalled before release
The recalled Crenshaw Skate Club shirt. Via Nike
Crenshaw Skate Club x Nike SB graphic t-shirt recalled before release

A monumental day for Tobias McIntosh and his Crenshaw Skate Club brand took a bit of a hit today when Nike decided to pull a piece from its collaborative collection with the skate brand ahead of its launch.

Along with a dual-branded Nike SB Dunk Low, Crenshaw Skate Club was set to release two t-shirts, one of which skate shops were told to withhold from selling.

Sources with knowledge of Nike SB's release procedures confirmed to Complex that the shirt was being pulled. Sole Retriever, which first reported the recall, says that it was due to the shirt featuring racially insensitive character graphics. None of the private correspondence about the recall from Nike that Complex has reviewed explicitly mentions the reason for the shirt being canceled.

Nike did not respond to a request for comment; McIntosh declined to comment.

Crenshaw Skate Club has long used similar imagery on its clothing and skate decks.

Crenshaw Skate Club x Billionaire Boys Club Hoodie from 2022

Some of the shirts had already been sold by the time the recall was issued. As a result, several have already popped up on second-hand marketplaces like eBay. Selling in the $60-70 range last week, the "banned" Crenshaw Skate Club tees have been moving for over $200 since the news made rounds.

Crenshaw Skate Club x Nike SB Banned T-Shirt on eBay

Despite the recall, Nike and SB retailers moved forward with the release of the shoes and the other shirt. Both sold out instantly and are going for over retail on secondary markets.