With the Way of Wade 6, Li-Ning Finally Took a Risk

First look at Dwyane Wade's new signature sneaker, the Li-Ning Way of Wade 6.

Li Ning Way of Wade 6 Profile

Images via Mr. Black Peach

Li Ning Way of Wade 6 Profile

For 24 million reasons, Dwyane Wade is heading back to the Chicago Bulls for his 15th NBA season. Assuming there's no summer trade, he'll be returning to the United Center wearing a brand new signature sneaker—the Li-Ning Way of Wade 6.

Here's an early look at the WOW 6, which finally marks a departure from the line's general design language. That's not to say that there aren't differences between the previous five models, but they just haven't been distinctive enough. The same could be said for recent additions to Kobe Bryant's signature Nike line.

Continuing to move in the direction of textile construction, the WOW 6 features some kind of knitted upper, equipped with a speed lacing system and locked in by a midfoot cross-strap. Wade's logo is prominently featured on the midsole, which sits atop a translucent sole with re-designed traction. Below is a look at two different sample variations.

The Way of Wade 5 launched last October, so it's likely that we're still quite a bit away from seeing final production images. Stay tuned for more on D-Wade's latest.

Li-Ning Way of Wade 6 Insole
Li-Ning Way of Wade 6 Outsole
Li-Ning Way of Wade 6 Front
Li-Ning Way of Wade 6 Medial
Li-Ning Way of Wade 6 Sole

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