Former LaserShip Manager Pleads Guilty to Stealing Nike Sneakers

Confirming every sneakerhead's suspicion, a former LaserShip warehouse manager has pleaded guilty to stealing Nike sneakers while working for the company.

Nike Shoe Box

Image via Twitter

Nike Shoe Box

A former manager at Charlotte-based LaserShip warehouse has pleaded guilty to theft after being charged with stealing packages of Nike sneakers while on the job.

According to WSOC-TV Channel 9’s Jason Stoogenke, police say Jarvas Foster stole 11 pairs of Nikes while employed by the delivery company. He was charged with felony larceny by an employee after an internal investigation led to surveillance footage of him stealing the shoes. Foster has agreed to plead guilty to a lesser crime of misdemeanor larceny. As a result, he’ll have to pay restitution, though to whom and how much is unclear. An earlier report suggested that he had at least one accomplice, but that wasn’t mentioned as part of today’s development.

Stoogenke said that LaserShip launched its own internal investigation into the missing Nike orders and concluded that Foster was stealing from them. The shipping company also said it has video evidence from two different sources to back up its claims.

Stoogenke, who has been looking into complaints against the company since September 2021, notes that almost 60 customers have complained to the station about LaserShip. Most of the packages that allegedly disappeared were Nike sneakers. Complaints about LaserShip stealing Nikes specifically are common within the sneaker community, as seen in a lengthy thread about the topic on Reddit. The company also has 1-star ratings on the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot, digital platforms that allow customers to review products or services they’ve used.

Public details on the plea agreement are expected in the near future.