Kanye West Is a Fan of the Air Jordan Future

Though he's working with adidas, Kanye West is still a kid from Chicago.

by Brandon Richard

Since Kanye West announced his deal with adidas last November, there have been exactly zero new Kanye shoes released to the public. In that same time, no fewer than 30 pairs of the Air Jordan Future have made it to retail. The Future has been a winner for Jordan Brand, and even adidas' superstar collaborator has to tip his cap to one of the year's best new sneakers.

Last week, paparazzi spotted West handling some business in New York City. As he walked to his car, he complimented the sneakers of a photographer, who was wearing the 'Iron Green' Air Jordan Future. West has never been one for brand loyalty, so it's no surprise that he's still willing to acknowledge quality work from 'rival' companies.

The best part? This particular colorway was mostly overlooked by sneakerheads and is still available in a full-size run at nike.com and other Jordan retailers.

H/T IcySole