10 Things A Non-Sneakerhead Would Never Understand

We do things differently.


Being a sneakerhead is probably the coolest hobby in terms of collecting—people with comic books, Pokemon cards, and stamps just don't look fresh while they are doing their thing. Wear any of those things in public and you might get arrested. That said, the dedicated sneakerhead is still subject to ridicule and being misunderstood by people who don't understand our way of life. Complex decided to break it down so sneaker fans know when to be patient with their friends and family—this is also a guide you can share with outsiders who just don't get it. Hit the jump and check out 10 Things A Non-Sneakerhead Would Never Understand.  

We Have Hundreds of Pairs of Sneakers

We Will Camp Out Overnight For Sneakers

We Nickname Our Sneakers

We Will Spend Our Rent Money on a Pair of "Old" Sneakers

We Will Wear Sneakers For Any Event, Even Our Wedding

We Take Photos of Our Sneakers for Social Media Every Day

We Will React Irrationally To Scuffs

We Will React Irrationally To Scuffs 

We get it, going out with us and watching us walk around like a kid playing the hot lava game seems pretty stupid but just like your car, house, or Drake-looking cable knit sweater, our sneakers represent an investment to us. We take great care and pride in something that holds sentimental value and monetary value alike. We can't condone the violence that some 'heads take to but damn, be careful where you're steppin' homie.

We Value Our Sneakers Over Our Dignity

We Will Not Buy Fakes Even If They Look Exactly Correct

We Can Memorize Sneaker Release Dates, If Nothing Else