How Aglit Italy's Premium Shoe Laces Are Changing Sneakers

Complex Hustle sat down with Aglit Italy head designer and founder to talk about the importance of shoe laces in sneakers.

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Sneakers can without a doubt be a form of expression for people—they can portray a certain mood, lifestyle or sense of fashion. A pair of sneakers by itself add to a person's identity, but how they're laced can further separate one from the crowd. While many sneakers do come with multiple pairs of laces to lend to different personalities, Aglit Italy is making true individualism possible with its premium shoe laces.

Complex Hustle sat down with Aglit Italy's Head Designer and Founder Tarik Baker to talk about the importance of shoe laces in sneaker culture. Through a luxury approach to shoe laces, Agit Italy gives people the ability to elevate everyday footwear into something much more unique. 

"Everybody forgot about the shoe lace," said Baker. "I remember break dancing and everybody used to wear fat laces. You felt like you was your own person. When I decided to execute the idea, the only thing that was going through my mind was, 'this has never been done.'"

Watch Baker's hustle in the video above and check out Aglit Italy's premium shoe laces here.