When you think of NBA franchises with rich sneaker history, usual suspects such as the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers instantly come to mind, but the Detroit Pistons can't be overlooked. Bob Lanier taking the court wearing massive size 22 customs; Isiah Thomas dominating giants in Converse; Rip Hamilton running curls in exclusive Air Jordans; Rasheed Wallace posting up in loose-strapped Air Force 1 Highs; and Blake Griffin bringing the polarizing Jumpman back to the Motor City are just some of the most notable sneaker moments in the history of the NBA's bad boys. So when thinking of a way to roll out the team's schedule for the upcoming season, it only made sense to do so with a stroll down footwear memory lane.

Recently, the Pistons teamed up with Complex to reveal their 2020-21 schedule. In the video shared across social media platforms, the Pistons' opponents are broken down into sneaker matchups, with iconic pairs representing each team on display. Watch the clip below to enjoy a little nostalgia.