Tariq “A$AP Nast” Devega has had quite a journey since his humble beginnings in Harlem, New York. Devega built up a rock solid foundation in his home city before being approached by A$AP Yams, A$AP Illz and A$AP Bari to form A$AP Mob, who instantly recognised Nast as an individual sharing their vision. When the U.S. rap world moved to adapt to the low-slung, Southern style emanating out of Atlanta, Florida and the like, Nast cut a different path, developing a flow that could not be more New York.

In fact, separating himself from the crowd has been a consistent theme in Nast’s career. His fast-paced, verbose style peppered with complex rhyming scheme flies in the face of what has become known as “mumble rap”. Similarly, though pretty much every rapper alive has ties with some fashion brand or another, Nast’s tastes are his own. He’s been one of the main cultural figureheads who have catalysed the resurgence of the Converse One Star in recent years, where he co-signed the silhouette out of genuine passion rather than opportunism.

The clothes he wears and the designers he champions all contain an edge of counter-culture edge about them, making him the perfect fit for Converse’s One Star campaign. Whether it’s overtly anti-mainstream, revisiting overlooked heritage styles or just simply not something most people are paying attention to, Nast is always purveying the next cultural touchstone and has no interest in playing catch up to anyone else.