Men who are sneakerheads tend to wear sneakers to impress other guys with the same interest in footwear, but they also throw on a fresh pair when they’re trying to impress a girl on a date, too. There’s often a mentality that a woman could not care less about your Yeezy Boosts or Air Jordansand that may be truebut, believe it or not, they are paying attention to what’s on your feet. At least, that’s what Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl Hailey Clauson told Complex.

Who would a lot of sneakerheads dream of impressing more than a swimsuit model? We had the chance to talk to Clauson at an Audi soccer event, and she gave us the dos and don’ts of what a guy should wear if he’s trying to woo the girl of his dreams (or just impress a first date).

“I do judge guys by their shoes always. It’s very important,” Clauson says.

Don’t think she’s checking to see if you have the rarest shoes on the market or the most hyped-up collaboration; Clauson just thinks wearing a pair of clean sneakers is the best way to show that you care. “Sneakers are always a good way to go,” she says. “It shows that you’re not trying too hard. I don’t want them showing up in some cheesy boat shoes.”

As far as what sneakers she prefers a guy to wear, Clauson likes a guy to keep it simple and classic. “I like when a guy wears Air Force 1s or Vans,” she says.

It comes as no surprise that Clauson likes guys in sneakers that don’t go out of style, since it matches her personal preference. “I’m either wearing classic Converse or Adidas. I’m a simple girl, I’m not a heels girl. I’m 6-feet tall, so I don’t need to add the extra height. I’m more of a tomboy, so I’m not going to be running around in heels,” she says.

Don’t think you can put on your latest and greatest sneakers and neglect the rest of your outfit if you want to take a woman like Clauson out (she has a boyfriend, by the way). But that also means you shouldn’t show up in your biggest hypebeast outfit, either. “When a guy’s overly dressed up, it shows that he’s trying too hard,” she adds. “I like when a guy wears simple things: jeans, a T-shirt, and a leather jacket. I like a bad boy.”

There you have it: The next time your friends or folks complain you’re spending too much money on sneakers, tell them you’re just trying to land yourself a supermodel. It could work.