Since its introduction in the summer of 2014, NikeLab has been the breeding ground for some of the Swoosh's most innovative and avant-garde sneakers. From quirky collabs to genuine "what are those?" moments, we've seen a number of interesting products come out of the division, but NikeLab's latest venture has to be its most daring yet.

Picking up where the pine needle-inspired sneaker we first saw over the weekend left off, NikeLab has unveiled a full range of Experiments in Natural Motion sneakers to accompany its Nature of Motion exhibition at Milano Design Week 2016. As crazy as the sneakers might look, the concept here is actually rather straightforward: Nike challenged its designers to create midsole tooling using nontraditional materials and objects.

The results are nothing short of breathtaking, with Flyknit uppers cushioned by objects like cobblestones, champagne packages, memory foam pillows, and much more. No, you can't actually wear these, but they're all pretty amazing to look at.

To find out more details on this Experiments in Natural Motion project, head over to Nike now.


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