Mayor's sneaker collection is so serious that it took Nice Kicks five entire episodes of "Sneak Peek" to show it off. After dropping knowledge and showing off heat in the previous four episodes, Mayor wrapped things up with a final one that is twenty-three minutes long. As expected, Mayor showed off a ton of rare sneakers, including Air Jordans, adidas, Converse, and of course, Nike Air Force 1s.

The episode started off with host George Kiel asking Mayor about his love for gum bottom Nike Air Force 1s. "The Gum bottom just off-sets the shoe. Like When you have an all-white Air Force and you see that gum bottom on it, it changes the total look if the shoe. It changes it from just being able to wear it with something, to being able to wear it with everything," said Mayor. The episode finished with Mayor calling out anyone who wanted to match their collection up with his. We can't imagine there are many people out there willing to accept his challenge.