One of life's greatest luxuries is having a nice car in a big city. Unfortunately most of us will probably never experience such heights because the bills need to get paid somehow. So if your typical Saturday involves trekking into Manhattan from the outer boroughs only to look at clothing you'll never afford, you might appreciate taking a virtual ride along with KITH founder and designer Ronnie Fieg as he gave Mr Porter a tour of his typical Saturday. 

One thing is for sure, it involves a lot of driving—in a matte black Porsche, to be specific—from his store in Brooklyn to his parent's house in Queens and then finally into Manhattan to enjoy a private dinner with his friends at Freeman's, Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, Aimé Leon Dore's Teddy Santis, and Complex's own Joe La Puma among the fray. I'll be totally honest here, my Saturdays are nowhere near this nice. But then again that is probably why Mr Porter hasn't been hitting up my email to hang out and film it—guys, I'm free if you're looking for a very relatable mid-20s New York Saturday, just let me know. It would involve a lot more couch time and decidedly mid-level cuisine, but it would cement my status as an #influencer that I've been trying so long to cultivate. 

For real though, follow along with Fieg as he professes his love for New York City, his commitment to keeping KITH as a customer-oriented shop, and his diverse upbringing in Queens.