"Sometimes it got so bad that I'd have panic attacks."

That's what a young man told Humans of New York about the ridicule that kids at his high school would be subject to if they didn't have a fresh pair of Air Jordans.

"The first kid to get a pair of new Jordans was the king, and the kid who couldn't afford them was bait for the sharks. My mom and I didn't have much money so I got teased a lot," he said.

He went on to elaborate, describing one incident that was particularly heartless. "One day all the kids were being especially nice to me in history class. Everyone was acting like my friend, but as soon as the bell rang, they all threw soap at me at the same time," he said.

Damn. All over some Js? Unfortunately, this sort of classism isn't really anything new — we're sure many readers remember getting clowned (or even worse, doing the clowning) over their kicks back in the day — but this is a new low.

On the other hand, there are also times when sneakerheads manage to surprise us with their generosity. Hopefully we'll see more of that going forward. 

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