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Last night, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to let off a Kanye-esque stream-of-consciousness in the middle of the night.

Kardashian says she was up watching TV when she heard a heart-warming story of a girl trying to gather 1,000 pairs of shoes to donate to the Soles 4 Souls charity. Apparently, the young girl's philanthropy struck a chord with the mother-of-two, because Kardashian quickly stepped up and offered 1,000 pairs of her husband's adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers to help out the cause.

"I think I know the designer of Shoe of the Year Award!," Kardashian said.

Now, she's trying to track down the girl who was featured on the Dish Nation program. Stay tuned as this one develops, we have a feeling that the best has yet to come.