When it comes to retro sneakers, brands have a tendency to stick with the models that they know will sell, as unearthing a vintage silhouette from the vaults can be both costly and risky. Molds need to be made, designers have to be paid, then the sneaker itself has to be manufactured and marketed, and you still don't know if it's going to be a hit or not. This is why we get excited any time we see a retro silhouette for the first time, especially one that's been tucked away in the archives as long as the ASICS Gel-Classic has been.

Originally known as the ASICS Gel-Trendy, this 1990 runner has been reimagined as the Gel-Classic by Boston sneaker shop Bodega. It's the sneaker's first reissue since its original launch, chosen by Bodega for its no-frills appearance and technology. For this update, the Gel-Classic loses its original nylon upper in favor of a soft suede, while the perforated toe box and side panels serve as a nod to the breathability of the original construction. 

The Bodega x ASICS Gel-Classic "On the Road" adopts an earthy color palette inspired by Jack Kerouac's novel of the same name and will be available exclusively from Bodgea in store and online on Saturday, January 9. For more details on the Gel-Classic's history and upcoming retro, visit Bodega here