Palace's lookbooks are always best in class, but they're sometimes so next level it's hard to see the products themselves. So, in the interest of putting you into even more debt, we grabbed the product shots from the upcoming Palace x Adidas drop to give you a sense of what's actually dropping this Saturday, the 24th. It's a pretty stacked lineup and considering just how quickly it's sold out in the past, you'll probably want to prioritize the joints you really need versus what you may just want, ya know? If you're trying to tell people you've done acid at least once without actually saying it, there are some solid options here. That paneled black/white jacket comes complete with a hidden hoodie and the tracksuit is actually made out of fleece and has thumbholes, so maybe it's worth more of your hard-earned money. The pants? They're literally "so warm for the balls" as Palace's always genius copywriters say.

UPDATE:  In an Instagram post, Palace informs us that the online release for the collection has been moved to 11 p.m. GMT, which translates to 7 p.m. EST. So don't miss it.

[Photos via Palace]