When sneakerheads use the word, "beaters," they use it to describe a coveted pair of sneakers on their feet which, often times, barely have any creases in them. It's almost used as a way of humble bragging. But in a recent posting on social media, a well-known Nike exec takes the word beaters to a whole 'nother level.

Posted on his Instagram, Nike Creative Director Mark Smith shared an image of a pair of unreleased Air Yeezys with the caption, "yardwork Sunday." For Yeezy fans and diehard collectors, the image of the sullied pair of Yeezys will undoubtedly break hearts and bring up questions of "why?" and "OMG" reactions. The only answer to that is because he can and he chose to. Smith was one of the individuals responsible for bringing the world the Yeezys so he undoubtedly owns pairs that many of us consider grails. He just decided to get one of his pairs a little dirty.