Shopping for running shoes can be a royal pain in the ass, especially when it comes to finding the best deal. It's already hard enough to navigate through all of today's different styles, types, and fits, so bargain hunting can make an already arduous process even more difficult. 

Thankfully, a young entrepreneur named Imran Khoja is helping to make your search at least a little bit easier with the launch of his new website ShoeKicker. The idea for the site came to the 25-year-old when he realized his current running shoes were on their last legs and he was unable to find a new pair locally.

“I was getting desperate. I thought, this has to be a tech problem. These shoes have to exist somewhere on the Internet. What if there was a superfast way to scour the web to find them?," Khoja told Runner's World.

It turns out that there wasn't one, so he and three friends made their own. ShoeKicker launched on August 15 with a database that spans more than 10,000 different running shoe models over 14 brands and 17 retailers.

We gave it a quick test run, and we're pleased to say that ShoeKicker delivers on its mission statement. Now, all we need is a site that hunts down the best deals on Yeezy Boosts and rare Airs. 

Check out ShoeKicker for yourself here.