Yeezy-inspired customs are nothing new. In fact, we'd go as far as to say that they're on the verge of becoming trite. Still, every now and then, someone comes up with an idea that's so good we can't help but do a double take.

That's exactly what happened when we caught a glimpse of these adidas Tubular Xs by J31 Customs. Inspired by the colorways used on the original run of Air Yeezy 1s, this is the sort of custom job that looks so natural, it might even fool 'heads into thinking they came from the factory this way. They're all here: "Zen Grey," "Net," and "Black/Pink," and each pair's soles glow in the dark just like their Air Yeezy counterparts. 

The information made available on J31's website is limited, but we do know that he's only producing 20 pairs of each colorway and will be charging an all-inclusive price of €300, which converts to right around $337. Judging by the reactions to these customs on Reddit, they won't last very long. To put in an inquiry, visit the site here.