I could give a handful of reasons why so many in the culture consider A$AP Rocky not only the smoothest cat in the game, but also a preeminent icon for a new age of style. His music, his voice, and his outlook, it’s all fresh. His trademark black-on-black swagger, though, has to play a large role in Lord Flacko’s status.

All black everything is completely in for this year. From Rocky to Kanye, Usher, and LeBron, the names go on and on. Ever since the days of Run-DMC, black has carried a certain aura. You never worry about matching because it goes with everything. You don’t worry about stains and spills because you can never see them. Listen, I love a fresh, white T-shirt just like the next guy. I grew up on them. They made songs about them. But it’s hard to overlook the influence black clothing has on the game right now.

That extends to the kicks, as well. I’ve always been partial to black shoes over their white counterparts, but that’s gone to another level because of some of the recent heat we’ve seen.

From classics like the Nike Air Max 90 and Huarache to its younger counterparts the Roshe Run and Air Max Tavas, sleek silhouettes always look great in dark colors. And with school nearly here, it’s time to upgrade your rotation to something that can work in any scenario.

With black T-shirts, jogger, and fleece options, and a plethora of sneakers that extend from lifestyle silhouettes to performance shoes, the new collection from Champs Sports in the latest Game Plan will have you laced for that first day of classes. I can still remember those days in high school, contemplating what I wanted to wear during school pictures. Make it easy on yourself this year with a Lights Out, all-black fit.

White might’ve dominated the summer, but the cold weather is returning and so is school. Get yourself ready for the fall with these head-to-toe “blackout” fits in the Game Plan.

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