The Nike Free Run 2 isn't old enough to being getting retroed, but it hasn't completely ceased production, either. Every now and then a few pairs pop up out of the blue, but the model has been quiet over the past year. The latest are in a pack of three suede options. As expected, they're as good as can be.

It appears that, so far at least, this selection of sneakers is going to be a European-only affair, as evidenced by the folks at Sneakers, a French blog. But in the time being, it's worth noting that the Free Runs, which come in burgundy, beige, and navy, have a premium feel to them. They're going to be tracked down, most likely, by those who are sneakers nuts and people who just want to hop in on the sneaker trend.

As for now, the Free Run 2s can be shopped here, with a retail price of €120, or roughly $137.