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As the Air Max 95 20th anniversary continues, Nike is rolling out a memorable throwback ad campaign.

Based off the magazine ads from the '90s comes this old-meets-new promotion. "Find the hotline in the Nike SNKRS app. Make #airmax history your own," Nike Sportswear teasedNo, you can't actually call the number to order a pair of "Neon" 95s, but Nike does have some exclusive goodies lined up for those who call in.

We did some digging around in the SNKRS app and were able to find the full number: 503-765-7792. Upon calling, you're met with a voice that gives some brief background on Sergio Lozano's iconic design before being instructed to leave your name, Instagram handle and mailing address.

Last month, Nike ran a similar promo and sent callers manila envelopes stuffed with X-Ray prints inspired by the Air Max 95's anatomy-based design. Considering that those were individually numbered to 95 and hand-signed by designer Sergio Lozano, this is more than likely something new entirely, but you'll have to call and find out for yourself.