(UPDATE: 08/02/2015)
Videos of the confrontations from the Stone Mountain protests have made its way to social media and it appears the man originally reported to have burned and stomped on the Confederate Flag, actually did no burning. A video shared on Vine, via user MO, depicts the man slamming the flag repeatedly while yelling "look at your heritage" and "you have no pride" at the crowd gathered in front of him. For more videos from the protest, visit MO.'s vine.

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See original story from 8/2/15 below.

One of the most hotly debated topics this year has been the Confederate Flag. Since the Charleston Church Massacre re-energized the movement leading to the bill officially banning the flag, many people, particularly those in the South, have taken umbrage to the decision and have organized multiple protests and rallies in support it.

At one such rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia, supporters of the Confederate Flag gathered in what NBC news affiliate 11Alive reports was supposed to be a "a calm and respectful rally" in which they wanted to honor and celebrate their heritage. And it was. But there was some disturbances. During the course of the event, the crowd shunned a member of the KKK wanting to participate in the rally and had to deal with a counter protesters as well.

Amongst the counter protesters was a man wearing a pair of Air Jordan III Retro "True Blues," who - via Reddit user jetlifeatlxx ​- is said to have been the cause of some of the tension when he burned and stomped on the Confederate Flag. Despite the man's actions, no arrests were made and no fights broke out.