It's often said that actor Kevin Bacon's laundry list of on-screen roles can connect him back to nearly every other name in Hollywood. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, as it's called, is proof that the actor has seemingly done it all, but one scene he's yet to crossover to is the world of footwear — until now.

Last night on Conan, Bacon shared a #TBT story that involved him being beaten with his own shoes as a child. Although it might not sound funny on paper, the actor seemed to be in good spirits as he looked back in hindsight. According to Bacon, he was on the way home from a bowling alley when he was confronted by a group of muggers.

He gave up his cash immediately, but that wasn't enough to satisfy the perps, who relieved Bacon of his shoes and proceeded to beat him in the head with them. Making matters worse was the fact they were actually a pair of boots, and judging by photo that was taken the following day, they definitely left their mark.

Let this serve as a reminder sneaker violence isn't a new phenomenon by any means.