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As sneaker thieves come up with new ways to snatch up product from retailers, stores are following suit with new methods of loss prevention.

CBS New York spoke with employees at Bushwick's Sneaker Spot who say they're noticing trends in recent thefts. "We have a lot of issue with the stolen sneakers, especially one foot," the store owner said.

Like the stores recently profiled by The New York Times, Sneaker Spot has been dealing with shoppers who snatch one shoe from their wall, then head a few blocks up the street in hopes of finding a store that displays the other. 

In order to limit losses, Sneaker Spot has implemented tactics similar to those of chain retailers, allowing customers to try on just one shoe at a time. "We'll give them the right foot or the left foot, whatever they want, one foot at a time," an employee said.

You know it's getting bad out here when you can't even try on a pair of kicks.