The sneaker reselling industry is worth a billion dollars, but it could be in trouble. A few weeks back, a report was published by Campless that showed eBay sneaker sales were on a decline for the first time in the three years the analytics blog had been around. According to the data, the report stated that eBay had grossed $26M in resale sales in January 2015, which was down 5 percent from the previous year. 

Campless's numbers were also taken into account by a bigger source: Goldman Sachs. In an article published by the Portland Business Journal, Goldman Sachs consults Campless on the possibility of the sneaker resale market becoming oversaturated, thus seeing a drop off in sales numbers and having an impact on the sneaker retail industry. "We believe there is a relationship between the resale and retail markets," the report claimed.

More retro product is available then ever, and a limited or coveted sneaker seems to release every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Restocks of once-sold out sneakers are common, and it's resulted in an endless supply of items that people originally had to search high and low for. 

With eBay's sales taking a slight dip, it's posed a different question: Where are people selling all of these sneakers that are being released, if selling them at all?