Just a few days ago we let you know that one of these reported fragment design x Nike Sock Darts was confirmed to be a fake. Photos of a camo version of the running shoes popped up at every corner of the internet, and before hype could be whipped to a frenzy Hiroshi Fujiwara, the man behind fragment design, let us know it was fake.

Camo will get the hype, but there was another collaborative pair that was making the rounds.

Photos of a fragment design x Undefeated x Nike Sock Dart started to make circulation earlier this week, with a black upper, white midsole, and patent leather strap. The midsole featured “UND” branding, while the strap touted fragment’s logo. These were just as believable as the camo pair since Undefeated has a history of collaborating with multiple brands.

These are also fake.

Fujiwara took to his Instagram once again to let us know that these are, uncategorically, not real. Don’t expect them to show up at any point.

Fujiwara’s Instagram is private, so we’ve provided a screenshot:

[via fujiwarahiroshi on Instagram]