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There's a level of dedication that comes to being a sneaker fanatic. For many, that means wearing their best pairs at all times. Muslim youth in South London are taking this philosophy one step further by wearing the finest of trainers to their Friday prayers.

Photographer Toufic Beyhum has been photographing young people at South London's Brixton mosque on Fridays, and the results are fascinating. "Most of them are converts (or re-verts, as they prefer to be called). Before becoming Muslim, they had another life filled with street culture. The trainers go back to their teenage lives," said Beyhum. 

Unsurprisingly, the young worshippers are always looking to switch up their sneakers and rock the latest styles. "You always wanna have a new look," said one attendee who's been wearing sneakers since he was a teenager. "I was wearing Air Force 1s, Nike Dunks, New Eras... I feel like that culture is something that stays with you."

"When you’re talking to God, you have to look your best. It's more important than a job interview," concluded Beyhum.

[via Dazed]