Recently, projects from the likes of John Geiger and The Shoe Surgeon have pushed the boundaries of sneaker customization, but a young entrepreneur from Arizona is taking an entirely different approach to custom kicks.

A classically trained cobbler, Randy Lucas has been perfecting his craft for over ten years. Now known as Randy the Cobbler, Lucas is more comfortable working with a pair of hard bottoms than a pair of gum bottoms, but that doesn't mean he can't get busy every now and then on sneaker-inspired creations.

Most recently, Randy tackled the challenge of fusing a classic Minnetonka fringe moccasin with the sole of the Nike Air Huarache runner. The result is nothing short of fascinating and speaks volumes to just how much style and streetwear have intertwined over the years. Take a look at the process below and check out his Instagram page for more creations from Randy the Cobbler.

[via @randythecobbler]