End Clothing's sneaker collaborations are few and far between, so 'heads know to expect something special whenever the UK boutique announces a new project. If for some reason you're not yet convinced, its new partnership with Reebok should do the trick.

Taking inspiration from one of the kings of the canine family, the End Clothing x Reebok Ventilator "Husky" continues the silhouette's 25th anniversary celebration. The sneaker's entire upper is composed of alternating soft shades of nappy suede, mimicking the Husky's thick coat of hair.

And instead of just throwing random color accents on the shoe, End gave this one some serious thought, with light blue representing the dog's blue eyes and arctic habitat, while pink calls back to the Husky's tendency to wag its tongue while sprinting.

Set for a June 4 in-store release, these will also launch globally on End's website on Saturday, June 6. Catch them if you can.

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