Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan were two of the greatest players of their time, and although basketball fans could debate endlessly about who's the top dog, even Magic himself has to give it up for the impact that Jordan and his brand have had.

"Michael's still number one...Michael is still the best, his brand is still the best," Johnson told The Post Game.

According to Magic, he can hit MJ up whenever he wants and ask for a new shipment of Jordan sneakers and gear. "I call him up all the time and say 'send my package of Air Jordans.' And what he doesn't send, I go out and buy," Magic continued.

"After all these years, he's still number one. He beats all these guys by far, you can put all their sales together and they still won't come close to Michael's," said Johnson. Who knew Magic was such a sneakerhead? Check out the full clip here.

[via The Post Game]