Last weekend's Air Jordan IV "Laser" marked the final drop in a trio of laser engraved retros that also included the Jordan 1 and Jordan XX. After spending the weekend with their pairs, a number of 'heads have spotted an Easter egg hidden on the toe area of their IVs.

Mixed in with the tribal etchings of Jordan's accomplishments, sneakers, and stats is an even more personal touch: Michael Jordan's face. If you look closely you can make out His Airness' uncanny likeness on the toebox.

But it doesn't look like everyone was lucky enough to score a pair with this subtle detail. According to Instagram user @retrokingzs, only two out of the eleven pairs he picked up contain MJ's likeness. It's been noted that the face can also be found on the "Laser" versions of the Jordan 1 and Jordan XX as well, but it appears neither of them are as prominent as the IVs. 

Go check your pairs now, you could be sitting on a rarity without even realizing it.