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When sneakerheads hear about a size? exclusive, their ears perk up and they listen. Their latest release calls up upon two long time Nike favorites with one making its return to the big stage.

Set to release this Friday, December 12, size? will be releasing a collection consisting of two silhouettes in two colorways each. The more notable of the two silos is the return of the Nike Air Stab. No disrespect to the Nike Tennis Classic AC, but fans have been waiting a quite awhile for the Stab to make its return to retail.

The pack makes use of winterized mesh and waxed rubber uppers to help 'heads deal with the inclement weather of the season while making use of a muted color palette. I'll go out on a limb and say the standout of the pack is the "Black" Stab that many folks will probably gravitate towards because of its sleek nature and classic appearance. 

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