Last week, we wrote about a teenager who gave up his "Concord" XI Lows to a classmate who was being bullied over his worn-out sneakers. The good gesture spread like wildfire across social media after a photo of the two teens surfaced, showing senior Yaovi Mawuli next to sophomore Jared Newby in a pair of Js.

The news would eventually circle back to Northeast Guilford High School​, located in North Carolina, where Principal Fabby Williams praised Mawuli for the good deed.

"We focus on building character at our school,” Williams, told Yahoo! Parenting. "And I’m proud of Yaovi, because he seized the moment and helped secure a new pair of sneakers for Jared. I can’t take any credit for that."

In a recent interview with Nice KicksMawuli revealed that seeing Newby being teased over his sneakers hit home because he knew exactly what it was like first-hand to be made fun of for wearing old sneakers.

For the awesome gesture, the high school senior was honored with a special announcement that got the attention of everyone, literally.

"We celebrated Yaovi with an announcement over the intercom, but we didn’t make it too big of a deal, because this type of kindness, paying it forward happens a lot in our school," said Principal Williams, who revealed the school has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying and is looking into the matter surrounding Newby.

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