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Tomorrow night is the big night, as countless Americans will be huddled around their television screens wondering how those models got those bodies. Well, thanks to Lily Aldridge, we now have an idea of what it takes to train for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

You might as well think Aldridge was a pro athlete rather than a model after taking a look at her tenacious fitness regimen. Up to two months before the show, the model revealed to Vogue that she hits the gym three times a week for 60 minutes each. Two weeks prior to showtime things get really intense, as Aldridge amps things up by hitting the gym or running six days a week for an hour and half each! Aldridge's cross-training workouts range from boxing to yoga to spin classes. To get out of the gym for a bit, Aldridge goes on long runs along New York's Hudson River or hones her dance moves in a ballet studio in SoHo.

With all that activity you might be wondering how Aldridge stays fueled. While working out, the model reaches for BluePrint juices and Paleta nuts. While at home, Aldridge noshes on blueberry smoothies with vegetable- and fish-heavy meals.

Check out Aldridge's training regimen for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show in the video above and tune in tomorrow night when she displays her hard work on the runway.


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