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No. 1 - Wake up early to go to the gym, or sleep in and be lazy?

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No. 2 - Preserve my skips on Pandora, or just switch to a new station?

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No. 3 - Wait for a treadmill to open up, or just settle for the elliptical?

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No. 4 - Trust my spotter, or wait for a trainer?

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No. 5 - Set a new personal best today, or stick with what works?

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No. 6 - Use this machine I've never used before, or save myself from embarrassment?

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No. 7 - Eat the free pizza, or stay focused on the task at hand?

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No. 8 - Capture the gym fail on camera, or show some mercy?

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No. 9 - Bring this exercise ball on the treadmill, or do the smart thing and just put it down?

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No. 10 - Push myself to keep going, or pack it in and go home.

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