The New York City Marathon is one of the most iconic races around as the best distance runners in the world descend on the city to take on the five boroughs. Throughout the years we've seen many celebrities challenge themselves to take on the marathon including P Diddy, Ryan Reynolds, and Pamela Anderson. Another A list celeb is joining the ranks as Bill Murray recently announced he would take on the NYC Marathon, and he's so dedicated that he even abandoned the Late Show with David Letterman in a full tuxedo to get some training in.

The 64-year old Murray slapped on Ben-Gay to help with the soreness and hit the streets of New York to put in some pre-race work. Many walking by were surprised to see Murray running the streets of New York, and in typical hilarious fashion he even stole one man's water, taking a drink and tossing it into the road. Bill's got some work to do as he returned to the studio in grand fashion riding back in a NYC bike taxi and was draped out in the post marathon heat blanket. The NYC Marathon is scheduled for November 2, and based on his performance we doubt he'll be ready for race day.


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