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The highly anticipated "What The" Nike LeBron XI dropped this weekend and as expected, the shoes were swooped up with the quickness.

While many in the community were fixated on copping the fairly exclusive "What The," images of another XI popped up leading us to ask ourselves, "what the hell are these?" From the image, you can see a "What The" type theme as the shoe appears to have design elements from previous XI releases. Some of the most recognizable elements spotted are the 2K14 "Jungle Cat" print and the "Volt" details from the "Maison du LeBron." We broke down every sneaker featured on the "What The" model and it'd be pretty interesting if the same was done with this sample. Compared to the "What The," the panels have a washed out, ghosted overlay making for a more muted appearance. Possibly the most interesting element is the name "Peter Hazenberg" imprinted on the forefoot area. Who is Peter Hazenberg you ask? Apparently, based on a LinkedIn search, he's a Category Manufacturing Manager for Nike based in Guangzhou, With a position like that, its quite possible he made these for himself or they could simply be an some sort of pre-production sample. Whatever the case, it doesn't look like these are in Hazenberg's possession any longer. 

[via suppliedpdx's Instagram]