The US Men's World Cup team made major headway this year, and sparked a whole new generation of soccer fans across America. During the Cup, everyone was glued to their TV screens hoping the US would continue their epic run, but was ultimately cut short as they were eliminated by Belgium in the round of 16. Although the real star of team USA was goalie Tim Howard, the captain of the squad, Clint Dempsey, had a rather impressive tournament himself and helped put soccer on the front page around the US. Thing is, people still have no idea who he is.

Clint hit the streets with ESPN to ask some unsuspecting people their thoughts about the US performance at the World Cup, and most importantly, the play of the captain. Although his play got rather solid reviews, people had no idea who he was. Don't think it bothered Clint too much, as he signed a deal with the Seattle Sounders back in April, making him the highest paid player in the MLS. Check out the video, and be sure to watch Clint and the Sounders as the MLS season is currently under way.


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