The amount of workout gear and apparel and apparel that floods the market every year is utterly overwhelming. Each new product that surfaces promises to change your life and elevate your workout to previosly unchartered territories, but how do you know which one's actually work? Worry not, because Ask Men magazine is here to help.

Ask Men approached industry-leading fitness expert James Fell, to get his opinion on what fitness gear from this year are actually worth the investement and live up to the hype and promises you've heard a hundred times over. Fell dives into a full range of products including everything from wearable technologies to resistance bands that'll truly elevate your workout and deliver the most bang for your buck.

Don't get suckered into another purchase for your home gym that eventually just ends up stacked up in the corner of your basement. For the full run down of fitness gear personal trainers would actually buy, head over to Ask Men.


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