If Nike Air Yeezy IIs aren't sitting in a closet in deadstock condition, then they're probably being worn ever so carefully by a hypebeast sneakerhead. We see you and that duck walk of yours.

Others, however, could care less about the value of Yeezys and just simply wear them until they turn into beaters. One sneakerhead did exactly that and even found another use for his worn-in Yeezys.

Fashion designer Shane Gonzales, who made our list of 30 Designers Under 30 to Watch and is the owner of his own label MIDNIGHT, used his Yeezys as, get this, an incense holder. But that's not the most shocking part.

It looks like he let the incense burn too long and the Yeezys eventually caught on fire. Whether intentional or not, it's still pretty crazy, right?

Somewhere, a hypebeast is bawling his eyes out right about now.

[via @shaneaveli]