It's no secret that working out is becoming more mainstream and dare we say "trendy". As ridiculous as it sounds, staying in shape and working out has never been more in your face. New products are launched constantly offering "the best/quickest results" and are often endorsed by your favorite celebrities.

With health and well being at the forefront, brands are taking advantage of the consumerism by launching "luxury" workout attire to appeal to extend their market share. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong about this. Exercising is a necessity in life, and regardless if your running in the latest and greatest or some beaters you dug up from the basement, the important thing is your exercising.

Athletic Propulsion Lab's just launched a new line of running shoes, which was then picked up by Saks Fifth Avenue. We searched through the Saks site and found that these were the only "athletic shoes" available for purchase, mixed in with a plethora of high-brow brands including Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Maison Martin Margiela, which will run you in excess of $500 a pair.

APL is still a growing brand, so latching on with Sak's is certainly a good look, and going forward maybe it'll spark other brands to roll out their products to markets which were previously untapped. Take for example LA start up Kit and Ace, who's also jumping on the luxury workout bandwagon by introducing a line of apparel that takes luxury fabrications and applies functional attributes to them.

Whatever the current trend is, or wherever it's headed in the future, the only thing that matters is people stay active.

Grab your pair of APL's today from Saks Fifth Avenue

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