This year marks the 25th anniversary of Spike Lee's critically acclaimed Do the Right Thing. While the film is a story that examines racial tension and culture, it was also an important guide to fashion in the late 80s. From gold chains and hats to Jordans and high-top Nikes, Do the Right Thing showed us how to stay fly (word to Radio Raheem's four-fingered rings and Buggin' Out's IVs).

In commemoration of the film's 25 years, Spike Lee just got laced with a pair of custom Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 "Lance Mountain" sneakers with a Do the Right Thing theme, specifically after Radio Raheem.

The mismatched Jordans feature camo print on the ankle collar—Raheem wore camo shorts in the film. Public Enemey's "Fight the Power" song title, which Raheem would constantly blast on his boombox, is painted on the heel. And his "Love" and "Hate" four-fingered rings are on each of the 1s.

Even though Radio Raheem wore Nike Air Revolutions in the film, we still gotta give it up to these customs.

R.I.P. Radio Raheem.

[via sheltonjlee]