Mario Balotelli has faced mass amounts of scrutiny both on and off the pitch due to his sometimes questionable actions. One thing you can't deny is the 23-year-old's raw talent which the Italian team is trying to harness as they look to repeat their run in the 2006 World Cup and bring home another title this summer in Brazil.

Balotelli is outfitted with the Puma Spear 1.0 boot, which just happens to be built around his specalized skills and one of a kind character. The boot was designed to give player's a closer to the ball feel for superior ball control which plays right into Balotelli's large bag of tricks that he brings out at any moment, even when it may not be the most opportune.

For a more in-depth look at the boot, and Balotelli's on and off field antics, check out the full article here, and be sure to watch Mario in Italy's next game Tuesday, June 24, as they try to bounce back from a tough loss to Costa Rica.


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