1996 was a good year for adidas. They signed a young NBA rookie fresh out of high school named Kobe Bryant and the number one pick in the 1996 NFL Draft, USC wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson whose signature shoe, the EQT Key Trainer, is our Kicks of the Day.

Also launched in 1996 was adidas' memorable and advanced technology, "Feet You Wear," with the Key Trainer being one of the first shoes to feature it. With Keyshawn Johnson's loud and in your face personality, you can make the argument that the shoes don't really reflect his persona. But you have to remember, '96 was way different from today and the Key Trainer did look pretty funky and advanced for its era. Drafted by the New York Jets, the shoe ties back to the team's colorways with the official colorway being "Black/Run White/Green." For NFL fans, older sneakerheads, and those that love the Feet You Wear tech, the adidas EQT Key Trainer is still available for your to cop and reminisce over. Check out Sneakerhead.com if you're interested in adding these to your collection.

[via Sneakerhead