The age-old adage that you constantly hear from your parents and teachers about never giving up rings true when you’re trying to cop kicks. Seriously, instead of going straight to Twitter to voice your displeasure about how you struck out and that bots are ruining the “game,” you have to keep trying to add the sneakers to your cart.

If you initially receive a message that states the item is in other carts, it means exactly that: it’s in other customers’ carts, but it isn’t technically sold out yet. During the checkout process, anything can happen. Someone might change their mind and remove the sneakers from their cart. A payment could get declined. Maybe the person takes their sweet time and that “hold” on their kicks gets removed.

Don’t give up just yet until the item is in fact sold out. If you’re on Nike Store, Finish Line, or Foot Locker, they’ll tweet out that the sneaker is no longer available. If you’re on a Shopify-powered site like Kith, the size will disappear from the dropdown. Until then, just go HAM on your mouse.