The Philadelphia 76ers' guard Tony Wroten had an equipment malfunction this evening as the sole on the right shoe of his Air Jordan Xs fell off. 

Wroten, who is a regular on our Best Sneakers Worn in the NBA List, is known around the league and the sneaker community for consistently rocking older model Jordans. Unfortunately, this evening, Wroten experienced every sneakerhead's worst nightmare as his "vintage" Jordans fell apart. While driving to the basket against the Indiana Pacers, Wroten went for a spin move, but one of his soles decided to stay behind. The model he was rocking was the White/Varsity Red-Light Steel Grey colorway which dropped back in 2005. Considering the shoe isn't that old, it was a bit surprising to see the sole come undone. The issue could've been the glue holding the upper to the outsole simply dried out.

While we don't expect Wroten to quit wearing Jordans, we do expect him to be more careful with his choices in the future. Continued props to T-Wro though for rocking gems throughout the season.

[via cjzerovid's YouTube]