The solution for every avid exercise junkie/dog lover has finally arrived. Introducing the DoggerJogger, the answer to all your problems when trying to combine your exercise routine and pet care. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and many owners try their best to incorporate their pets into daily workouts so they can receive the same health benefits.

Many people have tried but few have succeeded in trying to go on a bike ride with their dog in hopes of them jogging next you as you cruise down the streets in harmony.  Before you know it the leash gets tangled around your wrist, you dog cuts in front of the bike and you go flying over the handlebars. The DoggerJogger makes taking your pet out simple and easy with it's self-tightening and swerve positioning technology that attaches to your bike frame in less than two minutes, with no tool required to install.

If interested head over to for more information and to buy purchase your own, unless your dog happens to be Norman, then you don't need this.


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